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Binnenste buiten

Of course, a beautiful exhibition should be accompanied by a nice booklet.
Not just any exhibition.

And to make sure they don't forget their experience, we designed a very nice booklet. In it you'll find an interview with Martijn, as well as all the artworks on display.

And it hasn't just become a booklet, rather something you look at at home and then keep. Because of the thick paper and the luxurious, minimalistic look, the art will linger for a long time, which people have to experience when they walk around in the gallery.


For the appearance of the book we have chosen for a luxurious, minimalistic feel. By using a classic, serif font for titles and headlines, and a modern, sans-serif font for the rest of the text, the whole looks calm and professional.

white space

By using a lot of white space, we put even more emphasis on that luxurious, minimalistic feeling. There is no distraction, and your eye is irrevocably drawn to the content.

Uniform, yet unique

By using a fixed layout, with lots of white space, the design radiates tranquillity. As a result, nothing is distracted from the art in the booklet.

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