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Code Lab

Offering online technology workshops for children 10 years and older.
Making technology interesting for the primary school.

This project was a case study by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. Technology is becoming increasingly important, yet very little attention is paid to it in primary education. How do you make coding more fun and interesting for students?

With Code Lab, students develop forward-looking and digital skills such as computational thinking, information skills, basic ICT skills and media literacy. They also learn how to collaborate and communicate.

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A playful approach.

From laptop to
the website works.

As a result, visitors to the website can also effortlessly check an address while on the road, or check which locations can be found nearby. This way we create an optimal user experience.


On the workshop page the teacher will find a clear overview with all the didactic information. Such as the needs and learning objectives of the workshop.

There is also one button here to download the teaching material. There the teacher will find everything neatly arranged in a handy folder.

A playful style

How do you make teaching materials fun and attractive?

With the use of bright colours and nice illustrations we make a perfect connection between what the students find interesting, and what the teacher finds useful.

Throughout the website and also in the teaching materials, this style is fully extended. So we have created an interactive package, where the students learn very valuable skills for the future!

Continue at home.

Every website we make
is responsive.

If children like the teaching materials so much that they want to continue at home, that's fine. Whether it's on the iPad or over the phone, you can follow the tutorial videos and instructions perfectly.

Lesson material

The workshop is not fully digital. There are fully designed workbooks, with interactive questions and illustrations. A quartet game has also been developed. All this can be downloaded for free and used in the classroom.

Mockups: Anthony Boyd Graphics
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