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Maastricht Art Map

literally put 30 participants on the map.
How do you ensure a seamless link between flyer and site?

More than 10,000 Art Maps are distributed throughout Maastricht. It is important that visitors find sufficient information on the flyer, but also that they can easily find more information on the website. That's why there are 2 links and a qr-code to the site.

On the inside of the flyer you will find an overview of the participants, together with an address and a website. There is also an illustration of the city centre. Here you can see where the participants actually are, so you can easily see if there is a participant in your neighborhood.

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For the front of the flyer we designed a modern logo. It is the shape of Maastricht, consisting of circles, diamonds and stars.

The latter are important. Because the Maastricht flag has a big star in the middle.

Step 1
The shape of the logo stems from the literal form of Maastricht. That shape combined with a grid of circles, creates the shape of the logo.

Step 2
The next step that has been taken is to use various shapes and colours. These stand for the various participants in Maastricht.

A unique, recognizable identity.

All the previous steps have led to this final result. The logo with its various shapes works in color, but also in black or white.

A clear folder.

The name says it all, Maastricht Art Map. But how do you make sure that a folder that in real life is not larger than half an A5 piece of paper, is clear?

By combining the use of quiet colours from the house style with brightly coloured circles for the participants. This way you keep the overview.

The total picture

The flyer in its entirety. This is it. All necessary information, on an A5 format. 30 participants with name, website and address. Also all participants are on the map, where you can find street names and names of famous places like the Vrijthof.

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Maastricht Art Map

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