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Through a strong, unique identity we ensure that you can be recognized and distinguished in the crowd.

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Are you going to start a new brand or company? And do you want a mega-strong branding that will make you unmissable in your line of business? Or do you already have a brand or company and it's time for a new, fresh look? Whatever it is, we can help you.

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What's possible?

People don't just buy a product. They buy the values and ideas behind that product or brand. To get your customers involved at this level, it's essential to exceed their expectations.

Your branding has to be strong, one of the strongest parts of your company. It must clearly communicate your values to the customer. With branding we look from A to Z. From the first moment of contact like a flyer, to customer service. With our branding we focus on creating a unique brand that people return to.

Identity design

We work closely with you to create the most recognisable aspect of your company: your identity. The creative process is supported by our exploration and research phase; a careful research method with which we determine your target group, values and position. This basis will result in a consistent, multi-faceted corporate identity that is true to your company.

Marketing material

Where do people see your brand? Are they active on social media, do they encounter it at an event, or are they mainly to be found on your website? Your brand should have a voice that can be found on different stages; digital and in print, on campaigns and in their environment. By understanding where your target audience is, we let your brand grow.

Tone of voice

How you communicate with your target group in text is just as important as visual communication. How you address your target group is based on your personality and that of your company. Together we look for the voice with which you communicate and with which your target group can easily identify.

Guidelines and system

Our identity guidelines are designed in such a way that your internal team can effortlessly produce a consistent flow of assets, all of which fit your brand. In a corporate identity manual we explain how colour, typography, iconography, tone of voice and more can be applied. This is how we create a strong corporate identity.

Our process
A flexible basis for the best results

Our method is a flexibe foundation for all our projects. It is a common thread that gives room for the creativity needed for each project.

01. Start

Whether you have a problem or would like to make your company future-ready, we are here for you. First we'll talk to you to find out what your needs are.

02. Exploration and research

Here we explain your problem and company. We observe and analyse your process and investigate where the bottlenecks are. Together with you, we set up a plan and set to work to build a stronger future for your company.

03. Strategy and insight

A good foundation in the strategy not only saves time but can also help to use the full potential of the brand in the future.

04. Exploration and design

We start with sketching from the beginning. But in this phase we continue with earlier sketches and work everything out into useful visual elements.

05. Production

In this phase we change our designs and prototypes into concrete products. We put the websites online, send designs to the printer and develop your brand in a clear, clear corporate identity manual.

06. Improvement and impact

As soon as your product or brand sees the light of day, we will keep a close eye on it to make sure it meets all the requirements for the users and the goals we had in mind.

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